Super Yacht Designers features yacht designers from around the world that provide bespoke interior and exterior designs for modern superyachts. In recent years superyacht design, as yachts have grown larger and owners more demanding, has been taken to an interesting aesthetic level as each one vies to be different from its predecessor. The move to creating floating art forms began in the 1970's and 80's as owners came to realise that a large yacht could have its own defining lines, lines that in some way also defined the individuality of its owner. Interiors are also very interesting and it is here that an owner and his partner will influence the design of his yacht the most. Many yachts will have an exterior designer and a separate design team to work on the interior. Yacht exteriors can be formed in a great many styles but the materials used are traditional, teak for example, while the interior can be a combination of many often very rare materials to give a desired ambiance.